Manor Fuels, Inc.

Oil Information

We put an additive in our heating oil. Its purpose is to keep your furnace cleaner. Some companies tout this as "premium oil." At Manor Fuels, it's standard. We also offer, and recommend, diesel fuel additive. Since it is an additional charge, we only add it on request.

Heating Oil, Low Sulfur Oil, Ultra-low Sulfur Oil- What's the Difference?

All of them are versions of #2 fuel oil. Heating Oil has unlimited sulfur content, averaging 2000-3000 parts per million. Low sulfur oil has a maximum 500 parts per million sulfur content. In PA, 500 parts per million or fewer is required for off-road diesel fuel use. Ultra-low sulfur oil is limited to a maximum of 15 parts per million. In PA, it is required for on-road diesel fuel use.

The sulfur in oil is the main pollutant released. This semi-burned sulfur is what makes your furnace dirty. The sulfur that did burn completely creates an acidic emission that will return to earth somewhere as acid rain.

According to Brookhaven National Laboratories, ultra-low sulfur oil burned in a well-adjusted furnace has a lesser environmental footprint than natural gas burned for home heating. I personally only use ultra-low sulfur oil in my trucks and my furnace. Unfortunately, it does generally cost a bit more, averaging 10 cents a gallon more than standard heating oil. If you wish to use ultra-low sulfur in your furnace, please specify when placing your order.


Biodiesel is produced in our country primarily from waste vegetable oils, animal fats, and soybeans. It is a clean burning oil with heat producing capabilities similar to standard diesel oil.

There are some negatives to high percentages of biodiesel of which to be aware. It gels more easily than petroleum; it has more problems with water getting into the oil. Biodiesel tanks need to be diligently kept clean. Additives are available to prevent gelling and disperse possible water problems. With the use of additives, we have not experienced many problems with biodiesel.

Heating oil, low-sulfur oil, and ultra-low sulfur oil can come with infinitely variable amounts of bio-diesel added. 2%, 5%, 10%, and 20% are the most common amounts added. On-road diesel in PA is required to contain at least 2% biodiesel. We will deliver higher percentages for any use on request. Please call with questions or pricing for biodiesel.

Oil Pricing

We will always be asked what the price of oil is going to do. We will never know. Oil price used to be linked tightly to simple supply and demand- summer gas prices rose and heating oil prices fell. This is no longer the case. The futures market on Wall Street plays the biggest role in determining oil prices now. When currency depreciates, investors tend to buy oil futures (only on paper) which raises the price for everyone.

We control our price by restricting the overhead we pay. We will give you the best price we can on any given day. Our price fluctuates with everything else. When our cost goes up (or down) so does the price we charge. One day can be different from the next, but we don't know that ahead of time. You are guaranteed the price quoted to you on the day you order oil.